Wednesday, May 4, 2011


by Cheri Noire on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:11pm

 Love don’t live here anymore
As you watch me walk out of the door
I tried to hold on to the love we shared
But it is obvious you don’t even care
So here I go signing the papers
Setting your love free
Because what you took for granted
Another man will step up and handle it
Like a real man who deserves me
Honor respect all of me as his Queen
Oh by the way I’m not blind for I see
All the songbirds sitting in the wings
Whispering in your ear as they sing
With their beautiful melodies
Burn babe let it burn
Because now you have lost your turn
Not mad at you not at the least
Just lost respect for your lack of honesty
Thought I would stand by
For you to figure out why
When the answer is clear
Our fairytale love affair
Is clearly over
Without any chance of repair
All the damaged have been created
Over something so silly now we are separated
I apologized for speaking so harsh
But your pride has taken this way too far
Ironic as a poetic with so many words
For two weeks I haven’t heard…
What’s that? Oh NOTHING
Man up and be a real Man
And stop playing silly games
Cause my feelings are not the same
When our love was brand new
Talked about marriage between us two
Lovely happy ending
But now I’m tired of pretending
Sorry Darling the honeymoon
Will happen no time soon
For you are free of your duty
Proclamation of your emancipation!

P.S. (Poetically Seductive)
Declaration of Independence
Cheri S. Noire @;~;~~

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