Thursday, July 21, 2011


A lot of sleepless nights
Replaying our last fight
When you ended our love affair
Left confused how could you dare
Lead me on
dedicating love songs
“trust me…
I will never leave…”
Blinded I trusted you
Only to be fooled
So what am I suppose to do
That would of made some sense
What if… or could of said…
Change the abrupt end
From ambiguity
To reasons that would be
Drowning in my tears
Alone in the same bed
That we had shared
Remembering when we made love
Apparently it wasn’t enough
To save what we had
Now thinking back
I’m totally mad
Because it wasn’t just about you
But now you hurt my baby girl too
I don’t deserve to be ignore
From you as a ‘man’ I expected more
I can handle the truth
Only coming from you
But I guess I will never know
Since you treat me like your foe
How can one atone for their sins
Apologize or even repent
When the accuser never said…
Why we can’t even be friends

P.S. (Poetically Seductive)
Cheri’ Noire @;~;~~

Friday, May 6, 2011


Give me the stars to make a wish about you
Alone at night as I lay gazing into the moon 

If only I could look into your eyes
And see the truth if you really are mine

The man of my dreams here for real romance
Or the playa who just enjoys the game and dance

I can’t go on with so much uncertainty
From day to day I feel dragged in to insanity

Only time will tell
If I’m under your spell

Or you really care for me
Only in your eyes will I be able to see.

Mon 6/21/2010 10:55 AM

A lot of words have been said
While we lay here in our bed
A lot of blaming
While the two of us were yelling
Trying to be heard
By the unspoken words
I kept saying, ‘Sorry’.
But you told me to save it for my diary
This was not the how I imaged our conversation
It just seems hopeless with too much aggravation
Lately the fighting has been more than less
Every since my cheating I had to confess
My in digression
Have me so confused and depressed
Is it possible to love two men
But the Bible says it is a sin
My heart laughs calling me a fool
But I can’t go on being selfish & cruel

The father of my child
Threatening to leave when the divorce is filed
I reflect back
So many good years in the past
We vowed to make this marriage last
A house is a home with two people married
The love that created children in that family

My confidant and lover
Threatening me with an ultimatum to expose our cover
When we began this love affair
So carelessly without a care
Now this horrid affair has left me with night mares
Nothing but an emotional roller coaster that will leave me left alone
I got to go and I got to leave this man who broke up my happy home

Thu 4/15/2010 5:02 PM


Because you like the way my words flow
Now you want to understand the woman behind the words
What do you expect me to expose?

Some tender love and care
Or the truth from an wounded woman
Who has gotten tangled up in a crazy love affair

How did things get so confused
One day I was having fun on the internet
Meeting people now I feel misunderstood

Are you the only one who fell for love
With thoughts of a real relationship
No we both jump hopeful it would soar like a dove

Twisted hearts
This game of face book
Is not for the faint at heart you better be smart

Lie, cheat and some even deceit
Of a temporary gratification
From the people on Face Book they meet

I should of talk to you last night when it all began
But I knew if I did I would say something I would regret
In the mean time the emotions are eating me alive making me so damn mad

Don’t give up on us just yet
There is so much we need to discuss
To resolve misunderstandings that we might regret

Can we talk and work something out
This is a private matter that does not need to be aired in public
With everyone reading the parts of our personal life is all about

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Does not hurt. But it is unselfish and seduce you to do things you couldn't image in your mind. Love makes you dream of the impossible when when you didn't believe. Love brings life to what was dead. It is people who abuse one's love as... an excuse to use. For self interest or greed. The say all good things must come to an end... not true cause with love is 'happy ever after' in the end. To realize after what you thought was love and upruptly BUST was nothing more than adultery LUST. That's why I don't put my faith in No man especially my trust.
You broke my heart & you threw me aside
All of your promises really were lies.
One day you will miss me and I know this is true
That day you will want me but I won't want you.


by Cheri Noire on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 7:11pm

 Love don’t live here anymore
As you watch me walk out of the door
I tried to hold on to the love we shared
But it is obvious you don’t even care
So here I go signing the papers
Setting your love free
Because what you took for granted
Another man will step up and handle it
Like a real man who deserves me
Honor respect all of me as his Queen
Oh by the way I’m not blind for I see
All the songbirds sitting in the wings
Whispering in your ear as they sing
With their beautiful melodies
Burn babe let it burn
Because now you have lost your turn
Not mad at you not at the least
Just lost respect for your lack of honesty
Thought I would stand by
For you to figure out why
When the answer is clear
Our fairytale love affair
Is clearly over
Without any chance of repair
All the damaged have been created
Over something so silly now we are separated
I apologized for speaking so harsh
But your pride has taken this way too far
Ironic as a poetic with so many words
For two weeks I haven’t heard…
What’s that? Oh NOTHING
Man up and be a real Man
And stop playing silly games
Cause my feelings are not the same
When our love was brand new
Talked about marriage between us two
Lovely happy ending
But now I’m tired of pretending
Sorry Darling the honeymoon
Will happen no time soon
For you are free of your duty
Proclamation of your emancipation!

P.S. (Poetically Seductive)
Declaration of Independence
Cheri S. Noire @;~;~~