Friday, May 6, 2011


Because you like the way my words flow
Now you want to understand the woman behind the words
What do you expect me to expose?

Some tender love and care
Or the truth from an wounded woman
Who has gotten tangled up in a crazy love affair

How did things get so confused
One day I was having fun on the internet
Meeting people now I feel misunderstood

Are you the only one who fell for love
With thoughts of a real relationship
No we both jump hopeful it would soar like a dove

Twisted hearts
This game of face book
Is not for the faint at heart you better be smart

Lie, cheat and some even deceit
Of a temporary gratification
From the people on Face Book they meet

I should of talk to you last night when it all began
But I knew if I did I would say something I would regret
In the mean time the emotions are eating me alive making me so damn mad

Don’t give up on us just yet
There is so much we need to discuss
To resolve misunderstandings that we might regret

Can we talk and work something out
This is a private matter that does not need to be aired in public
With everyone reading the parts of our personal life is all about

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